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    Beach Pea

    Lathyrus japonicus

    Beach pea is a perennial and belongs to the pea family. It grows in an ascending and climbing manner and the stems are edged, glaucous green, and usually hairless with a bluish coating. The leaves are scattered, with 3-5 pinnate leaflets. The blade tip is tranformed into a tendril. Flowering occurs in July-August, when the reddish-violet, irregular flowers are gathered in small clusters.

    Beach pea grows on sandy or gravel bottom along larger lakes and beaches – and is common on Agger Tange.

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    Common Glasswort (Samphire)

    Salicornia europaea

    Glasswort is a 5-20 cm high, completely smooth plant. The leaves are fleshy, grown together in pairs and tubular formed on the stem. Grasswort blooms in July-September. There is great variation in the colours of the plants, which may have distinct green, pink, red or

    violet colours, which can be seen at a distance. Grasswort grows in salt marshes right at the water’s edge. The fleshy plants are rich in


    Glasswort is edible and is considered a gastronomic specialty.

    Glasswort is common along the Limfjord coast of Agger Tange.

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    Saltmarsh rush

    Juncus gerardi

    Saltmarsh rush is a plant that grows to a height of 40 cm and belongs to the rush family. Saltmarsh rush grows in the outer part of the salt marshes where its wide-creeping rhizome forms shoots with upright,
    grassy-green leaves. The flowers are brown and sit in an open terminal tassel.

    Saltmarsh rush is common along the Limfjord coast of Agger Tange.

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    Greater Sea-Spurrey

    Spergularia media

    Greater sea-spurrey belongs to the pink family. It is a low-lying herb with a flattened stem and succulent, linear leaves. The opposite leaves are surrounded by two fused membranous shaft leaves at the base. The flower petals are white or pink.

    Greater sea-spurrey grows in the inner part of the salt marsh and is common on Agger Tange.

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    Strawberry Clover

    Trifolium fragiferum

    Strawberry clover is a lowgrowing plant with up to 30 cm long, rooting shoots. Strawberry clover belongs to the pea family, and is quite similar to white clover. The leaflets are narrowly ovoid, smooth to slightly hairy and green-dark green. The flower head is ballshaped and the corolla is white to pink. After flowering, the flower head enlarges and the flower head will resemble a strawberry – hence the name. Strawberry clover grows in the innermost, drier part of the salt marsh and is common in light open areas on the coasts – also on Agger Tange.


Beach Pea

Lathyrus japonicus